This is an essay called “The Lie of Entitlement” by Terrance Crowley, scanned from "Transforming a Rape Culture".

I thought it was very fitting to put up because of a lot of discussions that go on on tumblr from privileged groups complaining that they get criticized for speaking for marginalized groups, or being told to step aside and not take a leadership role.  The essay talks about how the author had to unpack his own prejudices and need for control before he could help out, and understand that his intentions don’t prevent his actions from causing harm.  I specifically wanted to note pages 2 and 3 and this passage:

"I wanted to be one of the good guys.  I wanted to say what battering is about and who does it.  I wanted to say what working on sexism looks like.  I wanted to say what racism is and what to do about it.  I wanted to be the one to say when homeless people, gays, people of color, and most especially women go too far in their self-expression.  I wanted to define fair and just.  I wanted to say what is appropriate and when.  I wanted to say what is sexual and sexy.  I wanted to say what no means.  I wanted to say what is provocative or erotic for women.  I wanted to say whether this sense of entitlement propagates and condones a rape culture.  Last, if questioned, I wanted to deny this need for control."

I think a lot of “allies” that get called out, or who complain that they feel restricted in what they can say to who, should read this and think about how they act and why it’s so important to them that they get to define what causes harm to the marginalized group.  Part of privilege is that you get situated as being the default and “objective” viewer, and that marginalized people are situated as being too close to the situation, irrational, too extreme, etc and needing your guidance and leadership.  If you enact that relationship, or attempt to, you’re only contributing to the problem that you are trying to be an ally in tackling.

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Jane Austen, Emma
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Jane Austen, Emma

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When people say


"They’re just fictional characters"


”It’s just a TV show/ movie”




And who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you?

“Do you have a young lady?” she asked, raising the glass.
“Does she know what you’re like?”
“Yes. I keep telling her.”
“Doesn’t believe you, eh? Ah, such is the way of a woman in love,” sighed Mrs Lavish.
“I don’t think it worries her, actually. She’s not your average girl.”
“Ah, and she sees your inner self? Or, perhaps, the carefully constructed inner self you keep around for people to find? People like you…” She paused and went on: “… people like us always keep at least one inner self for inquisitive visitors, don’t we?”

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Making Money, Terry Pratchett

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If you don’t have enough madness in you, go and rehabilitate yourself

If you’ve lost a hundred times the chess game of this life, be prepared to lose one more

If you’re the wounded string of a harp on this stage, play once more and then cease resonating,

If you’re that exhausted bird fighting a falcon for too long make a comeback and be strong,

You’ve carved a wooden horse - riding and calling it real, fooling yourself in life

Though only a wooden horse, ride it again my friend, and gallop to the next post,

You’ve never really listened to what God has always tried to tell you

Yet you keep hoping, after your mock prayers - that salvation will arrive

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“There is an important distinction between not giving a fuck about what other people think of you and not giving a fuck about other people’s feelings.” (via marrymerrymaryjane)

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“Isn’t it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born? Who, with such a thought, would not spring from bed, eager to resume discovering the world and rejoicing to be part of it?” Richard Dawkins (via nasserelamine)

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